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Optical filters

UV transmitting, Visible absorbing filter (IUV series)

With the rapid development of our information-based society, the application of light has expanded beyond the optical industry into other industries. For instance, because of their higher energy level, ultraviolet rays are becoming more widely used. Our IUV-365 filter absorbs optical wavelengths and transmits the ultraviolet regions from 330 nm to 400 nm; it can be easily used in any field that uses ultraviolet rays. In addition, Isuzu Glass has the technology to adjust the glass filter's transmission characteristics by adjusting its density.

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  Transmittance Thermal property    

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Note: To be able to get transmission by thickness values, you must first download the file into your desktop before you can input the desired thickness.

Product introduction

Ę£Solar Eclipse

These pictures of the total solar eclipse were taken on July 22nd at our Rinku factory. The camera used is a SONY ¶Ń700 using a 18 - 250mm zoom lens set at 250mm. To take clear pictures we used our UV transmitting filter, IUV365. The reddish background is caused by using this filter.

1)Tempering can be customized depending on your application.
(To improve heat resistance or high impact resistance)
Note: After the tempering process spectral characteristics may slightly shift from original one.
2)Spectral characteristics shown on this website are nominal values. The transmission curves can be calculated for a given thickness and are for reference purpose only.
3)Spectral characteristics shown here are measured at room temperature (25degrees C, 50% relative humidity)
4)Please consult us about applications and ambient condition.

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