Anode Active Material Development for Li-Ion Battery

Information of Anode Active Material Development for Li-Ion Battery

ISUZU GLASS in collaboration with National institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, had succeeded in developing high performance sulfide glass as an anode active material for rechargeable lithium-ion battery with high safety. Although sulfide type material has been regarded efficient to be used as anode active material with high battery characteristics, various subjects such as safety, cycle life characteristics, and low-temperature characteristics made it difficult into practical usage. Noticing sulfide glass as high water-resistance and acid resistance material, and utilizing the special glass material development technology cultivated for years, we promoted development of applying sulfide glass as anode active material for lithium-ion battery. As a result, this material as anode active material has a very high stability against water and oxygen, and lithium dendrite, which causes internal short-circuit under low temperature working, has not be observed. It is confirmed that this material has high safety. Furthermore, in performance aspect, this material has also been confirmed of exceeding high performance in cell capacity, output characteristic, cycle characteristics, etc., comparing with conventional graphite type material. For example, for general case of mobile charge, 1 hour is needed. But our anode material had been confirmed having the characteristic of possibility to shorten this to 3 minutes. (※Depends on different conditions such as combination with cathode material.) ISUZU GLASS pursue the goal of entering market of high capacity battery for information terminals such as smart phones and tablets, and field like electric vehicles and industrial battery, which is expected of full practical usage.

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Characteristics data of battery

Test temperature Discharge capacity Charging rate Charging percentage
30℃ about 1400mAh/g 10C 92%
-5℃ about 1000mAh/g 30C 80%
-20℃ about 600mAh/g 60C 54%

It has been confirmed that no lithium dendrite growth was present under different ranges of temperature. ※Composite material of Sulfide glass and Silicon developed by Isuzu Glass. ※Discharge capacity is measured data of half-cell battery. Charging rate is measured data of full-cell (2032 coin battery)

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Anode Sheet

Anode Sheet

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