Moldable UV transmitting glass IHU250HOptical filters

The IHU250H is a long-pass filter that transmits 50% of UV and visible light at 250 nm. As the processing temperature range is almost the same as that of ordinary glass, IHU250H can also be used as a molding material. We can also mold them into aspheres and lens arrays.


*IHU150E is now under development.


Please feel free to contact us for a technical data sheet including refractive index and other optical properties.

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ultraviolet, exposure equipment, lithography equipment, analytical instruments, UV-LED cover glass, fused silica


One of the characteristics of IHU250H is that its expansion rate is closer to that of a metal than that of quartz. The IHU250H can also be molded and used as a cover glass for LED chips by metallizing the lens flange. Please contact us if you have any drawings of the lens or other desired specifications.
Metallization is provided by TECNISCO, LTD.