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Focusing on Innovation

*Innovation: Investing in our products to help people explore new boundaries.



Takao Nishikawa/President

Isuzu Glass develops, manufactures, and sells special glass in different molded shaped lenses, using our own manufacturing methods.

All of our molded lenses are custom-made to customer’s specifications, which go through our integrated production system:

Mold design, Molding, Polishing and Coating.

Currently Isuzu Glass has produced approximately 5,000 types of lenses.

Optical glass filters are developed with materials that have standard optical properties, then customized to function with the customer’s required wavelength.

Currently we have over 300 types of compositions.

All of our products use only environmentally friendly materials and are used in many fields such as medical, biochemistry, aerospace, lasers, sensing, energy, semiconductors, and entertainment, ensuring the safety and security of people around the world, and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Isuzu Glass has grown into a company that provides optimal solution to our customers by offering best solutions using our optical design technology, special material development and unique lens manufacturing.

[Lighting up smiles] Following our mission, being a company with `Technology for customers'', we will always strive to innovate and realize new technology.


“Our management philosophy is to pursue the happiness of all our employees”
In order to make a spectacular success again for prosperity and happiness, it is most important to ensure that our clients and
customers will be satisfied with newly-founded Isuzu.
For this purpose, we will:

Newly-founded Isuzu is determined to contribute in good faith to success of all our customers
with feelings of appreciation and with continuous effort.