Rod Lens·CPCMolded Lens

  • Rod Lens·CPC
  • Rod Lens·CPC
Rod Lens·CPC Rod Lens·CPC

Previously CPC was made by a Polishing method. However we have succeed in producing CPC with our molding method!
CPC can efficiently "amplify" and "condense" the light.
Our molded glass CPC has better heat resistance than Plastics and costs less than polished CPC.

About Rod Lens

Other molded lensMolded Lens

  • Other molded lens
  • Other molded lens
Other molded lens Other molded lens

We produce Lens Arrays and Aspheric lenses with maximum size of φ120mm. These are double-sided molded lenses and the shape has a high degree of freedom. We can offer a molded lens which is concave in the middle, which used to be very difficult to mold.

We are using"molding method", thus allowing the manufacture of lenses of free shape. We manufacture original lenses that meet your requirements in a flexible manner outside of conventional practices.

Fresnel LensMolded Lens

  • Fresnel Lens
  • Fresnel Lens
Fresnel Lens Fresnel Lens

Fresnel lens consists of a group of prisms of different refraction angles arranged concentrically. Because it is a group of prisms with noncontiguous refracting surfaces, angle of each prism can be designed and manufactured with freedom. As the shape of the lens is flat, it is used for applications that requires lighter and thinner lens.

【Application】 Screen for rear projection type projector
Illumination equipments
Optical sensor
Solar system(CPV: Concentrating Photovoltaic Solar power)

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