Isuzu Glass participates in joint development with Kyoto Institute of Technology, Osaka Univ, Shiga prefecture Univ, Hokkaido Univ and
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

We pursue the refinement of our core technology "Glass melting" and "Molding technology" and look for innovative ways to advance our technology to fulfill new business fields.

UV water sterilization module

  • We are working on developing an ultraviolet water sterilization module using UV-LEDs.

  • we offer an effective sterilization method using ultraviolet light, with lens molded by our original ultraviolet-transmitting glass.

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High density IR absorbing filter

We have successfully developed a glass with an even higher optical density than ISK171, which was previously considered to have the highest OD value (optical density) at the YAG laser wavelength (1064nm).

This high-density product ISK180 has an optical density 1.5 times higher than the conventional product ISK171 mentioned above. Production is currently underway with the goal of completing development in March 2024.

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Double-sided molded lens

We are developing a double-sided lens array integrally molded, which was previously manufactured by laminating. Since it is not bonded, the adhesive does not burn due to a high power light source such as laser. We can achieve optical axis tolerance of ± 0.05 mm, comparing present laminated lens tolerance of ± 0.1 mm. Both prototyping and mass production is OK for us.

  • This is a prototype 3D model. If you drag the model with the mouse, it will rotate according to the movement of the mouse. You can also zoom in / out the model by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Wavelength calibration filter (holmium filter) IRE005

We have developed a wavelength calibration filter IRE005. It features an absorption around 240nm that is not found in other filters. It has properties similar to liquid holmium.

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Moldable UV Transmitting Glass IHU250H

A new product, IHU250H, has been added to the IHU Series of UV transmitting glass.

This product can transmit shorter wavelengths of UV light than the previous product. It has excellent workability and can be used not only as a glass material for molding but also for metallizing. In response to the high demand for glass in the ultraviolet region, we are developing glass IHU150E or so that can transmit even shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet light than the IHU250H.

Technical data

IR Transmitting Glass (IIR-SF Series)

IIR-SF series is a chalcogenide glass mainly composed of sulfides. It has high infrared light transmittance and is particularly suitable for infrared cameras and sensors that require light of 8 to 11 μm. It also complies with the RoHS and REACH regulation, and does not contain harmful substances such as arsenic and selenium. Compared to crystalline materials such as germanium, it has advantages in terms of price. We have also developed IIR-SF2, which transmits longer wavelength infrared light than the conventional product IIR-SF1. In the future, we plan to gradually expand our repertoire while developing products that meet customer needs.

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