1905 Established Tarumi Glass Manufacturing Works.
1917 Began manufacturing of glass buttons.
1943 By order of the government, Nippon Glass Button Co.,Ltd. was formed.
1948 Began production of the glass GO stones using patented automatic machine developed by company.
1951 Began production of the lens blanks using vacuum forming equipment.
1954 Changed company name to Isuzu Glass Co.,Ltd.
1961 Began production of the Heat Absorbing Glass.
1969 Began production of the Aspheric Lens by hot pressing method.
1993 Began production of the Integrated Lens Arrays.
2002 Began the development and production of Micro Lens Array
2003 Work in commissioned development work by Japan Science and Technology Agency
2004 Began the research about the production technology of micro optical device.
Work in development & research project for innovative technology by Japan Science and Technology Agency
2005 Corporated Rinku factory in Izumisano City, Osaka
2006 Identified as one of " the Energetic Manufacturing SMI " by MITI KANSAI
Identified as " R&D planning based on the law relating to the advanced of SMI manufacturing basic technology " by MITI KANSAI
2007 Began production of the IR transmitting glass filter (IIR-SF1)
2010 Developed High power laser amplification glass (Laser Glass)
2014 Obtained a patent for Anode Active Material Development for Li-Ion Battery
2015 Changed company name to Isuzu Glass Ltd.
2021 Started Optical Design Services