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  • Integrated Lens Array
  • Integrated Lens Array
Integrated Lens Array Integrated Lens Array

Our lens arrays are the outcome of long experience in lens manufacturing and measuring techniques. They can be easily mass produced at reasonable price and are of consistent quality with good transmittance compared with laminated lens arrays.

We are able to produce a wide range of spherical, aspherical and cylindrical surfaces, as well as eccentric lens cells. Multi-coating and other coatings can also be offered.
Isuzu Glass produce molds based on your drawings and equations.

Lens array (Integrator lens, Fly-eye lens) that creates uniform light

Equipment and measuring instruments that use various light sources require uniform light. Light emitted from the light source creates approximately 50% or more inhomogeneous (corners & edges) on a surface. With a Lens Array you increase the uniformity between peripheral and central area of the irradiated surface to 85% or more and improve the non-uniformity.

These technologies are also used in Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment, factory automation equipment, projectors, 3D printers, etc.

 Integrated Lens Array