Optical glass filter

Isuzu filters are used in all fields such as UV sterilizer, laser protection, analytical equipment, medical equipment, sensors,etc.

Due to the characteristics of glass, there is almost no angle dependence, which makes it different from coating products.

The glass manufactured is physically and chemically stable.

Compliant to RoHS and REACH.

Please feel free to contact us regarding customization of filters with characteristics besides catalog products.

Glass molded lens

Our glass lens array is made by mold pressing.

We use integrated molding method to create shapes that are difficult to create by polishing and bonding.

Almost all products are custom-made according to customer's wishes.

We offer a wide range of support from prototype production to mass production.

Standard products

Standard products are products that does not require initial cost such as molds and jigs by customer (catalog product).

Shapes and specifications might be limited, merit is prices are affordable.

*It is also possible to make additional adjustments to standard products to create the desired shape.