Optical Design - Beam Uniformization Using Lens Array

What is laser beam uniformity?

  • Laser light is used in a variety of fields because it has high directivity and monochromaticity (having a single wavelength).

  • However, the intensity of laser light is generally non-uniform, and the light intensity may vary greatly depending on the irradiated area.

  • Therefore, light intensity uniformation using laser light is necessary in experiments and industrial processes.

Example of designing an optical system using lensarray

Here we will introduce the design example of laser beam uniformization optical system using lensarray.

Light source specifications

Light source Wavelength Beam diameter Beam divergence
Laser 450nm 1mm 1.5mrad


An optical system using a lens array can homogenize the laser light.

This optical system consists of a double-sided lens array and three commercially available spherical lenses.

Double-sided lens array

This is a glass double-sided lens array made by integral molding.

Lens axis deviation ±0.05mm or less

Can also be used with high power light sources and UV light sources

Standard product (#10111R)
・External size 33 x 32 mm
・Cell size 1.2 × 1.6 mm

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