Optical design and simulation services

We offer optical design and simulation services based on our outstanding technology and knowledge in manufacturing of thousands of lenses.

Our products have been used in a variety of fields, and offer a wide range of solutions. We provide full-service solution, optical design, lens production, inspection, quality assurance and delivery.

Should you need any further information about Optical design and/or simulation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would happily discuss any
request you may have. e.g.

  • "Have an idea, but not sure what optics are required"

  • "Off-the-shelf is functionally not good enough, need custom optics"

  • "Need to estimate the effect"

  • "Would like to make it simplify the process"

  • "Need support from optical design to actual production"

Design Cases

  • Uniform Illumination Optics (Integrated Fly-eye optics)

  • Projection / Illumination Optics (Lighting)

  • Imaging Optics (Camera)

  • Laser /Fiber (Focusing and collimating laser light, putting light into fiber etc.)

Design products

  • Lens Array (Fly-eye Lens, Integrator Lens)

  • Micro Lens Array

  • Aspheric Lenses (Collimated Lenses, Relay Lenses, etc.)

  • Rod lens, CPC(Compound Parabolic Condenser), Other Lenses

  • *We can also design assemble parts such as optical tubes or assembly services are also available

Design process

1.Contact us 2.Review 3.Proposal 4.Place an order 5.Inspection 6.Delivery 1.Contact us 2.Review 3.Proposal 4.Place an order 5.Inspection 6.Delivery


If you have any opinions about the functions or requests,
please contact through below request form.