Optical Colored GlassIsuzu's glass filters are produced by Isuzu's unique composition process.

Optical Colored Glass

Isuzu Glass offers a line of optical filters with a variety of spectral characteristics for application in opto-electronics, office automation equipment, photography, lighting, medical equipment, etc. Each filter glass, which has its own spectral characteristics, is manufactured under strict quality control and, therefore, has a minimum amount of bubbles and striae. Physically and chemically stable, the glass we proudly produce is not susceptible to the problems of aging. Combined with a multilayer coating, our glass offers a variety of advantages. Moreover, our glass contains no hazardous or prohibited substances. Please contact us if you have any further questions or unique requirements.

Glass Mold LensIsuzu integrates its unique molding process from trial to mass production of every lens.

Glass Mold Lens