IR transmitting filter(IIR-SF1, SF2)Optical filters

  • IR transmitting filter(IIR-SF1)
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IR transmitting filter(IIR-SF1) IR transmitting filter(IIR-SF1,2)

Isuzu Chalcogenide glass (IIR-SF®1, SF2)

IIR-SF®1 is the glass consisting mainly sulfur and has good transmission in infrared range.
This glass is particulaly useful for cameras and sensors that operate up to 11μm. Furthermore, it is less expensive than crystals of germanium, etc., which are widely used at present.

IIR-SF®2 is the improved material based on IIR-SF1. Transmission area is 1 µm longer than IIR-SF®1 and we achieved low-price without using germanium.

Our products comply with environmental standards of both Japan and Europe and contain no hazardous substances restricted by the RoHS Directive or REACH Regulation or those adversely affecting the human health and environment such as selenium and arsenic.

Our proven, state-of-the-art press forming technology allows us to mass produce simple to complex shapes. Many of which cannot be produced by standard polishing techniques. For whatever your application, Isuzu glass can meet your needs for size, thickness and configuration.

*IIR-SF®2 is the result of intellectual property of Kyoto Institute of Technology.

*Patent information JP5339720, US8,603,928 "Infrared transmitting glass for molding"


Transmittance Thermal property

Note: To be able to get transmission by thickness values, you must first download the file into your desktop before you can input the desired thickness.

  • 1)Spectral characteristics shown on this website are nominal values.
    The transmission curves can be calculated for a given thickness and are for reference purpose only.
  • 2)Spectral characteristics shown here are measured at room temperature (25degrees C, 50% relative humidity)
  • 3)Please consult us about applications and ambient condition.