Heat absorbing filter(ISK series)Optical filters

  • Heat absorbing filter(ISK series)
  • Heat absorbing filter(ISK series)
Heat absorbing filter(ISK series) Heat absorbing filter(ISK series)

This particular glass is designed to provide maximum transmission over the visible spectrum, while minimizing the transmission of infrared rays.
Because this glass is able to transmit ultraviolet rays, it can be used as an ultraviolet filter (depending on the type of filter).


heat absorbing filter, protection for YAG lasers, filter for medical use


Transmittance Thermal property

Note: To be able to get transmission by thickness values, you must first download the file into your desktop before you can input the desired thickness.

Product introduction

Heat absorbing filter(ISK series)

■Super IR cut Filter By applying coatings onto our original glass filter, we were able to create a filter with unique optical characteristics that was unavailable until now. The Super IR Cut Filter is able to transmit the maximum amount of visible rays light while sharply cutting infrared rays.

  • 1)Tempering can be customized depending on your application.(To improve heat resistance or high impact resistance)
    Note: After the tempering process spectral characteristics may slightly shift from original one.
  • 2)Spectral characteristics shown on this website are nominal values.
    The transmission curves can be calculated for a given thickness and are for reference purpose only.
  • 3)Spectral characteristics shown here are measured at room temperature (25degrees C, 50% relative humidity)
  • 4)Please consult us about applications and ambient condition.